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One-page advertisement of Windows 1.0 Software Development Kit from Byte 9/86.

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We’ve taken the work out of doing Windows.

Microsoft® Windows is becoming the most popular operating environment for PC systems.

It’s not surprising. Windows provides the foundation for an exciting new generation of applications that users are demanding. In addition, Windows handles many of the details involved in a software project allowing you to spend more time enhancing your application. That’s why a growing number of corporate and independent software developers are building Windows applications.

The Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit is your key to this extraordinary new environment. It’s packed with full reference documentation, libraries, utilities and sample programs. Together with our C Compiler or Macro Assembler, it’s a comprehensive package that lets you make the most of your application.

Software with a new view.

Giving your applications the Windows treatment begins with a new look. The rich graphical environment allows you to rethink how you want your program to be presented on screen. It lets you mix text and graphics. You can incorporate multiple fonts in a variety of sizes, faces and styles. And it provides the basic building blocks that make it easy to create drop-down menus, dialog boxes, scroll bars, icons and more.

These features not only simplify your application design, but also provide the familiar interface that makes your software easier to learn and use.

Easing the data shuffle.

Of course, there’s more to Windows than just looks. Now, different applications can work together. In concert.

The Windows Clipboard provides support for users to cut and paste information between your applications and others. Or you can use messages to establish “hot links” to transfer data automatically.

Upgrading made easy.

Windows’ device independent design allows you to build your application today and take advantage of new technology as it becomes available. When new graphics cards, printers and pointing devices appear they can be used with your software, without modifying your code. Simply by installing the new driver.

Your window of opportunity.

The Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit is your fastest route to better applications. And with it, we also offer DIAL, our on-line technical support service to help you with the tough questions, and development courses that cover everything from using the dialog editor to memory management.

Find out how you can get your Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit. Pick up the phone and call (800) 426-9400. In Washington State and Alaska, call (206) 882-8088. In Canada, call (416) 673-7638. And we’ll open the door to Windows.

The Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit includes:
Dialog editor.
Icon editor
Font editor.
Resource compiler.
MAKE (program maintenance utility).
Symbolic debugger.
Heap analysis utility.
Sample programs.
Windows libraries.
Programmer’s reference.
Programmer’s utility guide.

System requirements:
512K memory, DOS 2.0 or higher.
Two double sided disk drives.*
Graphics adapter card.

*hard disk recommended

Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit
The High Performance Software.
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