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An advertisement presenting applications for Windows 2.0, from “The 1988 Guide to Desktop Publishing for PC-Compatible Systems,” a special supplement to Personal Computing.

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Applications keep pouring in for the Windows office.

Engineering Capture System™, CAD/CAM Application, The CAD/CAM Group.
Paradox®, multi-user relational data base application, Ansa Software, A Borland Co.
Windows Mail, electronic mail application, DaVinci Systems.
The Network Courier®, electronic mail application, Consumers Software, Inc.
PC Paintbrush®, color design and graphics application, ZSoft Corporation.
Dragnet, text retrieval application, Access Softek.
Windows Spell, spell checking application, Palantir® Software.
SnapShot, electronic photography application, Aldus Corporation.
Guide, hypertext application, OWL International, Inc.
In*a*Vision™, intermediate CAD application, Micrografx, Inc.
Actor, programming language (4th-generation), The Whitewater Group, Inc.
Windows Filer, filing and reporting application, Palantir Software.
Windows inTalk, desktop communications application, Palantir Software.
ClickStart!, applications organizer application, hDC Computer Corporation.
VIEW/PC, host data base access system application, DB/ACCESS, Inc.
Nexpert Object, AI graphical expert, system application. Neuron Data.
Designer, CAD application, Micrografx, Inc.
Microsoft Excel, spreadsheet application, Microsoft Corporation.
Windows DRAW™, presentation graphics application, Micrografx, Inc.
Omnis™ QUARTZ™, multi-user database application, Blyth Software, Inc.
PageMaker®, desktop publishing application, Aldus Corporation.
Wave Test, GPIB test program generator, Wavetek San Diego. Inc.
Microsoft Pageview, page preview/graphics integration for Microsoft Word.
Opus I™, The HyperGraphics Program, Roykore Software, Inc.
Windowlink for IRMA™, 3270 terminal emulation. DCA. Inc.
Windows GRAPH™, business graphics/charting application, Micrografx, Inc.
Scrapbook, art images application, T/Maker Company.
Beacon, 4th-generation language, Micro Data Base Systems, Inc.
WinTime®, resource scheduling application, Palantir Software.
Form Base, relational data base application, Columbia Software, Inc.

Microsoft® Windows. The soul of the new machines.™

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