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Windows 2000 advertisement from Wired 3/2000.

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In business today everything ends with .com
Which is why our new operating system began with .com

Microsoft® Windows® 2000
The Business Internet starts here

The Internet is changing the way every business works, every day. Which is why we created Microsoft®* Windows® 2000, a family of server and desktop operating systems built on NT technology. It’s the operating system built for businesses of all sizes, with the most comprehensive set of Web services, and the reliability that today’s digital economy demands. Start evaluating Windows 2000 today. The Business Internet starts here –

Windows 2000 Professional

The reliable operating system for business desktops and laptops.
Keeps your users up and running with a robust system architecture, support for self-healing applications, and comprehensive system, application, and driver protection.
Provides an excellent mobile solution, delivering great laptop support – plug’n’play, power management, and broad device support with integrated security and file encryption to protect critical business data.
Easier to use with enhanced Windows user interface, seamless Internet integration, and new technology to automate setup, management, and support of your systems.

Windows 2000 Server

The multi-purpose network operating system for businesses of all sizes.
Internet enable your business with new Web and communications services such as Internet Information Services 5.0, XML support, and integrated Virtual Private Networking.
Centrally manage or delegate control of all your users, applications, and network resources with the policy-based management tools in the Active Directory™ directory service.
Increases server uptime with improved reliability, advanced memory management, and dynamic system configuration support.
Supports up to 4-way SMP with up to 4 GB RAM.

Windows 2000 Advanced Server

The operating system for e-commerce and line of business applications.

Includes everything offered by Windows 2000 Server, plus:
Build and manage scalable Web server farms for the most demanding e-commerce sites with Network Load Balancing to distribute traffic across multiple servers.
Ensure high availability of your critical Web applications and services with a 2-node clustering infrastructure.
Support demanding enterprise applications with 8-way SMP and up to 8 GB RAM to provide increased server performance and scalability.

Windows 2000 Datacenter Server

The operating system for business solutions that demand the highest degree of scalability.

Includes everything offered by Windows 2000 Advanced Server, plus:
4-node clusters provide increased system availability.
Provides the highest level of performance and scalability within the Windows 2000 line to support mission critical solutions like data warehousing, on-line transaction processing, and ERP.
Supports the highest level of Windows scalability with up to 32-way SMP and up to 64 GB RAM.

Microsoft® Windows® 2000

Where do you want to go today?®

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Windows 2000 Professional offline folders let you bring your network with you when you are on the road.

With millions of business transactions being conducted daily over the Internet, Windows 2000 Advanced Server gives you the reliability and scalability to compete in the digital economy.

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© 2000 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Active Directory, Windows, the Windows logo, and Where do you want to go today? are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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