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Windows 2000 advertisement from Wired 5/2000.

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Now you have the technology to work during your vacation, Does that mean you’ll be doing more work, or taking more vacation?

In today’s digital economy, the boundaries between work and free time are blurred. Which is why we created Microsoftr Windows® 2000 Professional. It offers a whole new level of built-in mobility that lets you work whenever you want, from wherever you are. In fact, according to an independent survey by Sunbelt Software, Windows 2000 Professional is three times more reliable than Windows 95 and 98. Not only does it combine the reliability of Windows NT® with the familiar and easy-to-use Windows environment, it also supports Windows file protection and self-healing applications to keep you up and running. And with advanced mobility features like plug’n’play, hibernation mode, smart battery power and offline files, taking your office on the road with you is easier than ever. So, does the future of business mean work will become more like vacation, or vice versa? With the reliability and mobility offered by Windows 2000 Professional, the decision is yours. To learn more, go to:

Microsoft® Windows® 2000 Professional
The Business Internet starts here

Where do you want to go today?®

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