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Windows Server 2003 advertisement from Wired 9/2003.

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Ever increasing demands.
Ever stagnant budgets.

Introducing Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Do more with less.

Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 is a server operating system (i.e., the software that runs your servers) that helps you do more with less. For example, solutions built on Windows Server 2003 can help you use the technology you have to increase efficiencies across your entire organization, giving you the performance of big, high-priced systems, but with smaller management and financial commitments. Read the executive brief and learn how you can do more with less at Software for the Agile Business.

JetBlue Airways has achieved remarkable success, serving more than 11 million passengers since its inaugural flight in 2000. JetBlue powers their operation – from finance to ticketing to personnel – with Windows Server 2003. As a result, they’re continually increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction, while spending 60% less on IT than most airlines.

Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003

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