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Windows 3.0 and Toshiba T3100SX joint advertisement from Personal Computing 9/90.

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The ultimate portable for the ultimate program.

Toshiba has combined the ultimate battery-operated portable, the T3100SX, with the ultimate program, Microsoft® Windows™ 3.0, to create the ultimate work environment.

The T3100SX gives you everything you need to get down to business. Including the brute strength of the 386SX™ microprocessor. And there’s no better screen in a portable. It has a brilliant 640x480 VGA gas plasma display and a 100:1 contrast ratio.

All the other capabilities to unleash the power of Windows are there, too. Like 1MB of RAM that’s expandable to 13MB. A choice of a 40MB or 80MB hard drive model. And 3 hours of battery life so you can work wherever you need to. Plus from now through the end of the year we’ll give you Windows 3.0 free with every T3100SX.

Put the latest in 386SX computing power to work for you. Turn on the T3100SX. And open a few windows. The Toshiba T3100SX.

Take it. See how far you can go.

In Touch with Tomorrow
Toshiba America Information Systems Inc., Computer Systems Division

[illustration captions]

“Since the T3100SX is battery operated, you can use powerful 386 applications wherever you choose.”

“The 386SX microprocessor gives you all the power you need to run the 386-based programs of today and tomorrow.”

“Microsoft Windows makes today’s sophisticated programs easy to use. And it’s free with your T3100SX.”

[fine print]

T3100SX: 12.2 pounds (without butteries; 14.9 pounds with batteries), 16MHz 386SX with 80387SX math co-processor socket, 40 or 8O MB hard disk with 25msec access, two removable, rechargeable batteries; three dedicated Toshiba memory slots, one dedicated Toshiba modem slot, one Toshiba general purpose slot, simultaneous display, 1MB RAM expandable to 13MB, gas plasma VGA display with 16 gray scales and 100:1 contrast ratio; 1.44 MB 3½” diskette drive. Microsoft is a registered trademark and Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. 386 and SX are trademarks of Intel Corporation For more information call (800) 457-7777, Dept. W.

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