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A four-page advertisement of Windows 95 from PC Magazine, 12th September 1995.

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we tested, tuned, toiled, fiddled, futzed, fixed, played, prepared, previewed, polished and polished some more.

We hope you have half as much fun as we did.

The Microsoft® Windows® 95 operating system is here. And so is a whole new generation of software and hardware designed to help you get the most out of your PC. Just look for products with the Designed for Windows 95 logo. If you can handle any more excitement, check out our online launch event starting August 24th at where you can learn even more about Windows 95.

Windows® 95
32-bit architecture
32-bit applications
preemptive multitasking
long file names
enhanced multimedia
integrated networking
built-in access to the Microsoft® Network
built-in faxing and e-mail
new Plug and Play hardware
AutoPlay CD-ROMs
Windows Explorer
task bar
device manager
Start button
Network Neighborhood
and tons
of other
cool stuff.

Where do you want to go today?™

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