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An advertisement of Windows 95 Resource Kit from PC Magazine, 12th September 1995.

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Don’t start without it!

Whether you’re moving one or one thousand users to the Microsoft® Windows® 95 operating system, only one place has the information you need to make your rollout a complete success. Introducing the Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit – the ultimate technical reference, migration manual, and configuration guide.

The easily accessible information will help you answer the toughest help-desk questions. Monitor network operations. Even troubleshoot systems issues. And the help utilities and accessories on the accompanying disks will allow you to fine-tune performance. It’s quite simply an indispensable tool for deploying and supporting installations of Microsoft Windows 95 of any size.

Increase productivity from the start. Ask for the Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit.

In book and software stores everywhere. For a detailed brochure or to order direct, call 1-800-MSPRESS

Also available through CompuServe®—(GO MSP).

Microsoft® Press

One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399. FAX 206-936-7329

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(ISDN 1-55615-678-2) 1376 pages, three 3.5-inch disks, $49,95

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