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Windows NT 4.0 Workstation advertisement from Wired 11/96.

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Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0 has the ease of Windows 95.
It has the power of Windows NT.
It has computers everywhere drooling.

The new Windows NT® Workstation 4.0 operating system has been designed to be the most powerful desktop operating system. And because all that power is controlled by the Windows® 95 interface, it’s much easier to use. The total 32-bit power of Windows NT Workstation means reliability, security, and easy access to the Internet and intranet. It’s reliable because all applications run in their own memory space – so that new game beta won’t crash last week’s work. It’s secure because integrated features let you lock your system all the way down to the file level, so you can count on applications and data being safe. It’s Internet-ready because it’s loaded with built-in features like TCP/IP, the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, and integrated Peer Web Services, which lets you create a small intranet for your workgroup. And because it’s all controlled by the Windows 95 interface, you can customize your system to work and look however you like. So does all this mean Windows 95 is history? Absolutely not. Windows 95 may still be your best choice, depending on your existing hardware and applications. We suggest you dive headfirst into our Web site to compare and contrast operating systems to see which 32-bit desktop is best for you.


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