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Windows XP Tablet PC Edition advertisement from Wired 5/2003.

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David Ebner and Jeffrey Barnes, special F/X masters

In 1993 the partners launched ComputerCafe, a video graphics boutique. During the last decade the company has evolved in step with the technology that fuels its creative work. Now it’s one of the most sought-after visual effects shops in Hollywood. The dynamic duo is photographed in their Santa Maria neighborhood, where they live just doors apart.

Their ideas, captured.

David Ebner and Jeffrey Barnes are Hollywood’s go-to guys. Their job is to convince an audience of the impossible, to visually create the incredible, and to never, ever let their technological hems show. Like any good trick, a special effect only induces wonder if it looks like it actually happened – and these two computer wizards work real movie magic.

The Tablet PC works magic, too. The partners can sketch their ideas for a dramatic opening sequence – right on the screen of the laptop – and their storyboards are instantly digitalized. They can write notes about a fiery explosion, and before they can say, “abracadabra,” their handwritten words transform into type. And that’s no illusion.

The Tablet PC. It’s the PC, evolved.

In the hands of David Ebner and Jeffrey Barnes. It’s a laptop. It’s a simple pad and pen. It’s the Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition.

Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition

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