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Windows XP Tablet PC Edition advertisement from Wired 6/2003.

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Miguel Arteta, independent film director

Arteta maxed out 16 credit cards for his feature debut, Star Maps (1997); the film garnered widespread critical acclaim. He and his collaborators Matthew Greenfield and Mike White followed up with an ode to obsession, Chuck & Buck (2000), and the darkly comedic The Good Girl (2002). The director is photographed on Sunset Boulevard.

His idea, captured.

As a filmmaker, Miguel Arteta dabbles in dreams. Every story first unfolds in his mind, awaiting interpretation. He translates imagery into words, words into drama, and action onto the big and small screens. To remain true to a vision, Arteta must speak the language of his characters. He must take the journey with them – even as he guides the process.

The Tablet PC translates dreams, too. A director can download a script. He can revise it. Months later, as a cast of actors breathes life into his lines, he can listen and take notes – longhand, directly onto the screen – and then watch his words transform into type. (Dramatic pause.) Imagine that. The Tablet PC. It’s the PC, evolved.

In the hands of Miguel Arteta. It’s a laptop. It’s a simple pad and pen. It’s the Tablet PC running Microsoft Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition.

Microsoft® Windows® XP Tablet PC Edition

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