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A two-page advertisement of Windows CE from Wired 3/98.

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“Could you possibly be any more productive?”

What, getting real work done on the move? That’s the promise of the latest Handheld PCs (H/PC) – powered by Microsoft® Windows® CE 2.0. These H/PCs are available now, so you can check your email, review memos, and practice your PowerPoint®* presentation during the time it takes to get from Gate A-24 to the next concourse.

It’s just like having the best of your PC with you all the time, with the Windows interface you know and pocket versions of the Microsoft Office applications you depend on. Hundreds of your favorite off-the-shelf programs, such as Microsoft Expedia™ Streets 98, Symantec ACT!, and pcANYWHERE, are available to choose from. Don’t worry about being out of date; with Windows CE’s built-in ActiveSync™ technology, you get effortless synchronization with your desktop and server information, even files, e-mail, and meeting requests. If your data needs to be secure, Windows CE even supports industry-standard security protocols.

And if your flight gets delayed? Review your schedule, download a file, or build that spreadsheet. Whether you’re on the go or stuck waiting somewhere, Windows CE turns downtime into uptime, anytime.

To find out more about Handheld PCs powered by Microsoft Windows CE, go to
Where do you want to go today?®

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