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Team Xerox advertisement from Personal Computing 4/86.

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When you think of Xerox what do you think of?

It’s almost instinctive to think of copiers whenever the name Xerox is mentioned. After all, 25 years ago we invented the category. And since that time we’ve become the gold standard for dependable and diverse desktop, mid and high volume copiers. But just for the record, in the last 8 months we’ve introduced 30 new office systems and business solutions. From Xerography To Lasography. All of these new systems and solutions are designed to help you create, preserve and share documents of unsurpassed quality. And all are backed by Team Xerox. The people who provide a service and support organization second to none.

Most of these new systems are the direct results of harnessing the power of the laser. What we call Lasography. You see, ten years ago Xerox believed the best way to print text and graphics from simple memos to complex reports would be through lasography. So, we began work on a new generation of office systems.

For instance, the Documenter System you see here gives office professionals a personal lasographic system right at their fingertips. A desktop system that lets them create and print documents of incredible clarity.

The Documenter consists of the Xerox 6085 Professional Computer System and the Xerox 4045 Laser CP. The 6085 offers a unique 19 inch bit map screen with multiple windows that allow you to spread out all of your work right in front of you.

In fact, its windows allow you to work on many things at once. Using either our ViewPoint® or MS-DOS® software.

And when you’re ready to print documents, you can use the Xerox 4045 Laser CP shown here or one of the latest Xerox Diablo printers.

The Xerox 4050 Laser Printing System featured here is the newest lasographic printer from Xerox. It offers the power and capabilities of the Xerox 9700 and 8700 in a medium speed laser printer.

We’re also introducing the Xerox XPS 701. A low cost, full function, turnkey publishing system. The entry level XPS 701 enables you to create and manage text and graphic input. It’s especially designed for large illustrated documents that require frequent revision, fast production turnaround and relatively small print runs.

And for those who want more than a line printer but less than a laser printer, there’s the Xerox 4060 Computer Printing System. Using Ion Deposition Technology, the advanced 4060 is ideal for the IBM data center.

Yet another exciting capabilities story revolves around networks and software. The Most Complete Family Of Networks. Xerox now offers the most comprehensive networking capabilities in the industry.

The new XC22 twisted pair network, is low cost and simple to install and takes advantage of existing telephone wires. The XC22 allows work groups to share information and resources such as laser printers and rigid disks.

The XC24 System uses a coaxial cable that can easily run along the base of office walls or in ceilings. And its an entry-level option utilizing the same industry standard) MS-DOS® operating system as does the XC22. The XC24 is also user installable, easy to learn and use.

Finally there’s the XC80 network family using Ethernet. Fully configured networks, with virtually unlimited work stations, printers, storage, main frame communications and internetworking applications. The key to all of these networking capabilities is that we can design business solutions that enable small work groups or full departments to easily share information. Two examples are the new Xerox Integrated Financial Management and Purchasing Management Solutions. Both contain powerful departmental processing options such as sophisticated relational database management, host program access, electronic mail and high capacity file, disk and print services which enable each application to fulfill complete purchasing or financial needs. Xerox is also introducing the 4020 Color Ink Jet Printer, which is also network compatible. The 4020 can produce up to 4000 shades of seven primary colors. And finally Xerox is introducing the Telecopier 7010. A portable digital facsimile transceiver that can transmit a hand written or typed page in just 25 seconds. Before we leave we’d like to remind you of Team Xerox. A unified support structure that includes people, products and services. All here to help you every step of the way.

So the next time you hear the name Xerox, we hope you’ll think of more than just the world’s most dependable copiers.

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