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Team Xerox advertisement from Personal Computing 7/86.

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Xerox makes a better pie.

Lasography makes the difference.

Lasography is the most revolutionary invention to hit the office since xerography.

Xerox was responsible for both.

But while xerography faithfully copies your documents, Lasography actually lets you create original documents.

And that means more than producing a laser-sharp pie chart.

Lasography means creating graphics that make your point more forcefully. It means writing better letters and more memorable memos.

It means not only manipulating your data in ways you’ve never dreamed of. It means printing on paper exactly what you’ve created on the screen.

Your documents won’t just look better. They’ll be better.

Taken separately, these products equal or surpass any on the market. Taken together, they become a whole new way of working. And to keep your Lasographic system working, you can call on the team that invented it. Team Xerox.

Any way you slice it, you’re better off with a Xerox pie than an IBM pie. Or even an Apple pie.

For information call Team Xerox, your local Xerox sales office or: 1-800-TEAM-XRX ext. 160A


1. Select your ingredients from hundreds of sources. Your mainframe computer. Any database. Other workstations. Even other networks in your office.

2. Mix text and graphics any way you like on the Xerox 6085 Professional Computer System. Create new charts. Write.'Edit. Re-edit. Draw a pie an Apple can never match.

3. In the blink of an eye, an original pie. Whatever you’ve created on the screen, the Xerox 4045 Laser CP can create on paper. Laser-sharp. Laser-perfect.

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