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Team Xerox advertisement from Personal Computing 11/86.

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“Xerox Desktop Publishing makes every document look like the work of a genius.” – Leonardo da Vinci

A lot of the success you have in selling your ideas depends upon the success you have in putting those ideas on paper.

That’s why we invented the Xerox Documenter desktop publishing system. A system that encourages you to express your original ideas quickly, more easily, and with better results.

Our Documenter desktop publisher is built around the Xerox Workstation. It makes it easy to lay down your text in any format you choose. In an amazing array of typefaces and in 30 languages. Convert data to charts. Create your own graphics. Enlarge or reduce any element. Then combine them, easily revising the page until it’s just the way you want it.

When you’re satisfied (what you see on the Workstation screen is what you get on paper), you send it to the other half of our desktop publisher – the Xerox Laser Printer. With a mere button-push, you get finished originals that come out laser-perfect.

The Documenter desktop publisher is another Xerox innovation designed to help you put your ideas on paper.

For more information, call your local Team Xerox sales office or: 1-800-TEAM-XRX, extension 291A.

Xerox brings out the genius in you.

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