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Team Xerox advertisement from Personal Computing 6/87.

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“My genius is well-documented. Now yours can be, too.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Your most ingenious ideas aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on if you’re not getting them across clearly. Xerox Desktop Publishing Systems were invented to help you get your best ideas onto paper and into action. Quickly. Easily. And brilliantly.

On a Xerox workstation, you combine graphics and words, revising easily until each page looks just the way you imagined it. Then, you send it to a Xerox laser printer, which produces your finished document at the push of a button – laser-perfect!

There’s a Xerox Desktop Publishing System for you, no matter what your needs are. If you need a standalone, there’s the Xerox Documenter. If you own an IBM PC XT/AT or compatible, there’s Xerox Ventura Publisher software. If you need an MS-DOS-based stand-alone, there’s a Xerox Desktop Publishing System that’s right for you.

And when your needs expand, Xerox can expand with them, because our Desktop Publishing components are part ofa migration path which can include local-area networks as well as a complete line of electronic publishing systems and laser printers. So whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an existing system, Xerox can help all your documents look like the work of a genius.

Xerox brings out the genius in you.

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