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The following is a slide collection and a voice transcript of a self-running Microsoft Home Mouse presentation (2 MB) from 1995 that was included on the Windows 95 CD.

Husband, wife, son, daughter... It doesn’t matter who uses your Microsoft Home Mouse the most.

That’s because it was designed to fit comfortably in the hands of everyone, from adults to small children – whether they use their left or right hand.

The unique shape and color distinguish it from other mice on the market... does the special IntelliPoint home edition software package that comes with it.

But there’s more to the Home Mouse than just a pretty face. In addition to personalizing your PC, it provides all the quality, accuracy and reliability that Microsoft Home products offer.

The shape of the Home Mouse is designed for maximum comfort, and easy use. The Home Mouse, combined with the IntelliPoint software, allows you to hone your home computing skills in style, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Choose the shape of your pointer from the huge selection of images, ranging from dancers to airplanes.

IntelliPoint software also allows you to perform double-click functions with a single click, assign tasks to a third button by pressing the right and left buttons down together...

...and find a lost cursor with a special sonar function.

At Microsoft, we’re certain everyone in your home will enjoy this mouse, which now joins our household of goods. So go put your hands on the Microsoft Home Mouse at your local retailer.

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