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The following is a slide collection and a voice transcript of a self-running Microsoft Mouse 2.0 presentation (2.5 MB) from 1995 that was included on the Windows 95 CD.

The Microsoft Mouse 2.0 with IntelliPoint Software

The hand. In the world of PC computing, it is the hand that provides the link between man and machine.

So when Microsoft set out to create the ultimate Windows pointing device, we started with the hand...

...and filled in the space beneath it.

The result is The Microsoft Mouse 2.0 – the only mouse designed for software by a company that knows software.

With its smooth edges and gentle slopes, it provides a natural hand support...

...marrying form and function.

Add this ergonomic design to new precision software features, and you have the most comfortable, accurate, and versatile pointing device ever created.

The more you use it, the more task-efficient you become. And don’t worry if you’re a lefty. The mouse can be used in your right or left hand, with equal long term comfort and support.

New IntelliPoint software makes it even easier, more productive, and more fun to use. For instance, you can assign any common tasks you choose to each of the buttons...

...replace a double-click with just one...

...slow down the speed of the cursor...

...locate a lost cursor with sonar...

...and select from 40 different cursor shapes, ranging from sailboats to bowling pins.

IntelliPoint software also offers a special toolbar, which can be available while in any Windows program, and provides the tools you need to perform such functions, as enlarging type and images.

The new Microsoft Mouse 2.0. It’s the best performing mouse on the market, hands down. So go put your hands on the Microsoft Mouse at your local retailer.

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