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A slideshow describing OS/2 2.0 was released in May 1992 on a 1.44 MB floppy disk. You can download the disk (1.3 MB) or view the slides below.

OS/2® 2.0 – The Integrating Platform™

Mix-and-match software developed for different platforms

Hundreds of advanced 32-bit applications have been develped for OS/2

OS/2 works the way you do...

...and gives you familiar tools to work with

The OS/2 Workplace Shell™ helps users easily manage complex tasks, such as using several different applications to produce a magazine

OS/2 comes with a variety of mini-applications to help you be more productive

User Customization
Many different elements of OS/2 such as the desktop, mouse, text, and icons can be customized by altering their settings.

User Customization
Settings for objects in OS/2 are easily modified using similar techniques.

Advanced Design
The OS/2 Workplace Shell lets you perform tasks using natural techniques such as dragging objects and dropping them onto others.

Freedom of Choice
OS/2 can render your current software as icons for use in the Workplace Shell.

Freedom of Choice
32-bit OS/2 applications such as DeScribe can be used in cojunction with DOS, Windows, and 16-bit OS/2 programs.

Freedom of Choice
Moving information from one type of application to another is a snap. Just copy and paste with the clipboard.

Freedom of Choice
For example, we can share data between DeScribe for OS/2 and PageMaker for Windows.

User in Control
If your desktop becomes a bit cluttered, just hide the windows you don’t need. They”re easily retrieved.

User in Control
The Window List is a great way to control all your active windows.

User in Control
Note that the DeScribe window is still active even though it’s hidden.

True Multitasking
True multitasking allows applications to work simultaneously. While one is working in the background, another can be used directly.

True Multitasking
The OS/2 Workplace Shell makes information transfer from DOS to Windows quick and easy, too.

Crash Protection
Typically, if an active session crashes, OS/2 keeps the others up and running.

Extended Capabilities
OS/2 gives your DOS programs 633Kb free low memory, and up to 16Mb XMS, 32Mb EMS, and 512 Mb of extended memory per session.

Extended Capabilities
With more free memory, plus OS/2”s revolutionary virtual device drivers, your DOS programs run faster than ever.

Pop-up Windows
Pop-up menus, available for all objects on the desktop, make it convenient to get the functions you need when and where you need them.

Network services are available to all applications without loading additional drivers in each session.

Just drag and drop. You don”t have to worry about where things are on the network or on your desktop.

On-Line Help
An easy-to-use alphabetical index with detailed descriptions is available at the click of the mouse whenever you need it.

OS/2 Remembers
When shutting down the system, all your changes are saved immediately. The next time you go back to your desktop, it’s just as you left it – just like your real desktop.

Power, Flexibility, Reliability, Ease of Use, OS/2

Listen to the Critics
“OS/2 is head and shoulders above any alternative already available in the marketplace” – PC Week Opinion

Listen to the Critics
“Did IBM really succeed in giving OS/2 users – present and future – what they want for their money? IBM did that and a whole lot more.” – Datamation

Listen to the Critics
“Ultimately, it’s not just a better DOS or a better Windows that I want, but a better system... that’s what OS/2 2.0 will be.” – BYTE

The OS/2 Workplace Shell is based on IBM’s object-oriented user environment.

IBM’s object-oriented user environment is documented in the following Common User Access (CUA) publications:
SC34-4289: CUA Guide to User Interface Design
SC34-4290: CUA Advanced Interface Design Reference
G242-0215: CUA Vision: Bringing the Future into Focus (Brochure & Demo)
GV26-1003: CUA Vision: Bringing the Future into Focus (NTSC Video)

To purchase your copy of OS/2, see your dealer or call
800-3IBM-OS2 (U.S.)
800-465-7999 (Canada)

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