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You could spend many weeks and thousands of dollar assembling a software collection to meet your business and personal needs.

Or you could get OS/2 Warp. It comes with a rich BonusPak of all the essential software programs you need – right out of the box.

Each BonusPak program is written expressly for OS/2 so you can experience the performance and speed of native 32-bit applications. And they all work together. Let’s take a look.

Suppose you’re on a deadline. You need to prepare a major report and get it to a customer fast. First tap the power of IBM Works.

You do a sales analysis in IBM Works’ full featured spreadsheet. Just highlight the data...

...and the charting program automatically converts it to a graph.

Explore different chart types, then decide on 3-D bar.

Pull the result into IBM Works’ word processor.

To review the document with a colleague in Paris, use BonusPak’s Person to Person for OS/2 teleconferencing software.

Just double click the Paris entry in your Address Book.

Up comes a shared whitespace where each of you can mark the document.

When you’ve finished, use BonusPak’s FaxWorks™ for OS/2 to send the report.

Select the destination in your Address Book. Then just drag your report to the Fax icon, and it’s on its way.

Next, let’s watch how BonusPak’s CompuServe Information Manager for OS/2 can help you book a flight.

It’s just one of hundreds of services CompuServe offers on-line.

Type in your starting point and destination...

...and scan a choice of flights.

Choose one and get your ticket by mail or in person.

Besides helping you book travel, Warp will remind you of your travel plans.

Just use BonusPak’s Personal Information Manager (PIM) to mark your calendar. Open your Appointment Book...

...get the name of the person you’ll meet...

...and place it on your calendar. It’s as easy as that.

OS/2 Warp is not just a great way to run your computer. It’s everything you need to help your day-to-day activities. And it’s a remarkable value.

Now that you’ve gotten your work done faster, discover a great new place to play...

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