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Hot gaming and multimedia

You&rsquo've probably played games – but you haven’t played ’em Warped.

Get right to the fun. Settings for the top 100 DOS and Windows games are built-in. You don’t have to tinker with system files like AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Get more time to play. Warp’s multitasking and Crash Protection™ let you play while doing other tasks in the background like faxing, printing or downloading from the Internet.

Warp makes games sizzle. Right out of the box Warp makes available more memory than DOS, so your games run better. That’s why Warp is winning praise from developers:

“Gamers playing Sim City 2000 for OS/2 will see increased performance and smoother game play because of OS/2’s multitasking. We see OS/2 as a great platform for games.”

Joe Scirica, V.P. Product Development, MAXIS (Makers of Sim City).

Warp is also a great platform for other Multimedia. Look what you can do right out of the box.

Record and play back audio. With Warp, a soundcard and microphone, you have an excellent audio studio.

Record and playback video. With Warp you can view software motion video right out of the box.

Sort and arrange multimedia elements on Warp’s unique Light Table. Warp also includes Kodak Photo CD support.

It’s not just a PC anymore. With Warp you have a multimedia entertainment center.

And look what else Warp can do...

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