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The objective of this demo is to illustrate the exciting features and functions of OS/2 Warp.

Due to diskette space limitations, all the actions required to execute a given OS/2 Warp feature may not be shown.

There are two types of OS/2 Warp to choose from. This demo is based on the version that uses your existing DOS and Windows code. If you do not have DOS and Windows, you need the version of OS/2 Warp which includes IBM’s WIN-OS/2 code. This version should be available in early ’95.

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OS/2® Warp

Get warped with a...







easy to install,

totally cool way run your computer.

OS/2 Warp is ready now.

To see what it’s like to get Warped, select below:
Welcome to Warp
One-Button Internet Access
Hot gaming and multimedia
Multitasking and more
How to get Warped

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