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Multitasking and more

You do more than one thing at a time. Now your computer does too.

Warp’s true multitasking lets you use all of your computer.

Now you can fax your report in the background...

...while you’re working on your spreadsheet.

Print while you edit. Download while you write. Why wait? Warp gets more done naturally.

And more...
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Crash Protection
Warp automatically creates separate sessions for each application. So even if one application fails, the others keep running. This protection is key to Warp’s multitasking.

Plug and Play
Warp lets you “hot-swap” PCMCIA cards without powering down. Plug in a fax-modem card and Warp launches your fax application. Insert your PCMCIA hard drive, and Warp gives you immediate access.

Enhanced Memory Management
Warp bypasses DOS’s 640K RAM limitation without the need for third party memory management solutions. Processor intensive applications, such as games or graphic applications, can run faster.

Intelligent Queuing
When you’re using your laptop away from a phone, Warp will queue the faxes, print jobs and outgoing E-mail you generate. Then when you connect to a modem or printer, Warp will send your work on its way.

Service and Support
There’s no charge for Warp telephone support service for the first 60 days. It’s yours free when you need it most. Call Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm in your time zone, excluding US national holidays. Additional services are available after 60 days.

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