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One-button Internet access

Once you’ve set up Warp’s BonusPak Internet connection, you’re just one button away from roaming the world at the speed of light.

These tools make it easy.

Sign up in an instant with IBM’s Internet Service, and get 3 hours on the Internet free. Or use another service provider.

From then on, get on the highway with ease.

Use the gopher to narrow down a search. He’ll show you what’s available.

Join in global conversations through Newsreader on over 8,000 topics, quickly searchable. Make new friends around the world.

Travel on the WebExplorer as your interface to the World-Wide-Web. How big is it? As broad as your imagination.

Take a flight of fancy.

Aim even higher.

Explore the world’s greatest libraries.

And go window shopping from everything from VCRs to real estate.

The Internet could soon be as important as the telephone. One of the fastest, most efficient ways to get on it is Warp’s WebExplorer. And it’s ready now.

What can make the information you bring back even more valuable? The other programs in Warp’s BonusPak. Let’s take a look.

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