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A slideshow introducing Windows 1.0 was released in late 1985 on a 360 KB preview disk for IBM PC’s or compatibles with CGA colour graphic cards. You can download the disk yourself (150 KB; the program seems incompatible with newer PCs, but works in DOSBox Link points to external site) or watch the slides below.

Welcome to Microsoft Windows... The PC operating environment that lets you use today’s most popular applications – and tomorrow’s most powerful ones.

Until Windows, you had to use a jumble of powerful but incompatible programs...

Or accept ready-made integrated packaged with one or two excellent programs and several inferior ones. (Word processing, database, spreadsheet, busines graphics.)

Now there’s Windows, an exciting operating environment for your IBM® or COMPAQ® personal computer that lets you...

Work with several applications at once, switching readily from one to another...

And consolidate information from all of them.

With Windows, you choose the applications to work with. Use standard DOS applications, like... Lotus® 1-2-3®, dbase II® and III™, Microsoft Word®, MultiMate™, The PDF® Series, Microsoft Multiplan®, R:Base 5000™, The IBM Assistant Series®, Microsoft Chart®.

...And use them in combination with unique Windows applications, like Windows Write and Windows Paint. As a special introductory offer, Write and Paint are included in your Windows package...

...Along with a set of time-saving desktop management tools.

Let’s take a closer look at how Windows extends the power of your PC.

In your office, you probably work on several projects at once. With Windows, you can use your personal computer the same natural way.

With a hard disk, the Intel® Above™ Board, or a memory expansion card, Windows even lets you load applications that exceed the 640K limits of your PC.

Here’s the kind of magic Microsoft Windows can do.

Even a short document may need text, data-base information, and a chart. Putting these all together is easy with Windows.

For example, start with Windows Write, then select a name and address from dBase II...

And bring it into the letter.

You could just transfer your chart directly from 1-2-3 or Microsoft Chart, but let’s make it more visually effective.

Copy it first into Windows Paint.

Shade the sections, add clearer titles, and it looks great! Your chart gets your message across more clearly.

Now return to your document...

And bring in the chart.

And there it is! In minutes, you’ve consolidated information from several sources into a finished document, ready to be printed.

As we mentioned, Microsoft Windows comes with the two great applications you’ve just seen: Windows Write and Windows Paint. They demonstrate several time-saving features of this new generation of software.

Drop-down menus let you choos ecommands and functions easily.

Dialog boxes give you rapid interaction with each program.

Icons tell you instantly which applications are currently running.

Microsoft Windows is a great way of interacting with your computer, and you can start enjoying it right from day one.

As if Windows’ power and speed weren’t enough, we’re giving you even more: a collection of desktop management tools no busy person should be without.

The MS-DOS Executive program gives you access to common DOS commands while you’re running other programs.

The calendar can be viewed by the day or the month, and allows you to set alarms for appointments.

Information on the electronic notepad can be transferred to or from any text application.

The card file keeps names and addresses handy. You can even include graphics.

The telecommunications program features autodial, and can send or receive information while you’re using other applications.

The Windows calculator has all basic mathematical functions, and a memory.

And there’s even a clock.

In the past few minutes, we’ve shown how Microsoft Windows lets you:
Choose the applications YOU need for maximum productivity
Work with several applications simultaneously
Consolidate information from all of them
Save time with the special Windows desktop tools

Ask for a personalized demonstration, and find out how Microsoft Windows can give YOU the power of tomorrow’s software today.

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