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A short interactive demo presenting Windows 95. You can download the installation archive (1.5 MB) or view the slides below.

Microsoft proudly presents this preview of Microsoft Windows® 95

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Welcome to the world of Microsoft® Windows 95. With Windows 95, you’ll unlock the potential of personal computing, so you can work easier and faster. You’ll explore exciting new possibilities, and even have fun doing it.

Windows 95 is designed to make using your computer easier, whether you’re at work, at home or on the road. It has a rich set of features giving you multiple ways to do the same task – to accomodate any level of expertise.




Getting Started: Opening a Program

Windows 95 makes working with your computer easier. For example, let’s see how much easier and faster it is to open or find programs and documents.

We’ll being at the Start button. It’s at the lower left corner of the screen. It’s always available, so you can use it any time.

To open a program click the Start button
Move the mouse up to Programs
Then over and down to Microsoft Word, and click again.

That’s all it takes to open a program! Windows 3.1 Program Manager is gone, but all your program groups are still there – and they’re easier to reach.

Here you see the new version of Microsoft Word for Windows 95. You’ll also find that Windows 95 does a great job supporting your existing Windows and MS-DOS programs.

Closing a program is simple. Just click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner.

Windows 95 reduces the number of steps to get things done, so you get all of your work done faster.

Working with Multiple Programs: Switching Between Programs

You’ll find switching between programs is easier than ever, since the taskbar never leaves the screen.

Let’s see how switching works. On the taskbar, click on the Microsoft Word button.

Next, click the “Cup-Paint” button on the taskbar.

This way, it’s easy to switch between as many programs as you have open. Go ahead and try it. When you’re ready to move on, click the Next button.

Working with Multiple Programs: Multitasking

One of the biggest changes in Windows 95 is that now your Windows PC can handle multitasking even better. This means you can have multiple programs working simultaneously.

For example, you can print one document while you copy another. You don’t have to wait for one operation to finish before you start something else.

Here, a document is being copied from one folder to another. Now click Next to see multitasking in action.

While the copying proceeds, the “Open House Flyer” is being printed.

With multitasking, you can get more things done at once. It’s not a miracle. It’s Windows 95.

Organizing Your Computer: Opening My Computer

Windows 95 makes organizing your computer remarkably easy.

Let’s take a look at how the My Computer feature organizes things for you. Just double-click its icon, in the upper left-hand corner.

The My Computer window contains all of the drives on your computer, as well as Control Panel and Printers folders.

Now, double-click on Robert’s Drive.

All the drive’s files, folders and programs appear in the window. Here you see another way Windows 95 improves your computing – your file & folder names can be up to 250 characters long!

Let’s change an old, DOS-style name to a new more descriptive one. You may never again have to open a file just to see what’s in it!

Using the right mouse button is another way to find out more about a file or folder, or reach a shortcut to common tasks.

Click the right mouse button, and you’ll see a menu that gives you additional options.

You can use the right mouse button on virtually any element within Windows 95 – giving you a quick and easy shortcut to make you more efficient.

Organizing Your Computer: Explorer

Windows 95 gives you another way to view and work with your files, called the Windows Explorer. It’s like Windows 3.1 File Manager, only better.

In the Explorer, everything you work with on your computer – including floppy drives, hard drives and network drives – appears in a single windows. Here’s how to reach it.

From the Start Menu, choose Programs.
Then choose Windows Explorer, and click.

The Explorer makes it easy to reach virtually anything in your computing environment. Try clicking on the “+” to the left of Robert’s drive.

The Contents window shows you all of the folders on Robert’s C: drive.

Now it’s much easier to copy files from one drive to another, or download something from the network. No more tiling multiple windows!

Think of the Explorer as a highly efficient way to manage your files and resources.

Customizing Your System: Changing the Background

Windows 95 gives you great new tools to personalize your computer.

It’s easy to customize your screen background. Try choosing a new one right now.

Click on Start
Then move the mouse up to Settings
Now click Control Panel.

Double-click on the Display icon in the Control Panel window.

Browse through the Wallpapers by clicking on their names. Click Apply to see your choice on the desktop. When you see the one you like, click OK.

Here’s how your wallpaper appears on the desktop. Click Next to continue, and we’ll change back to the original one for you.

Customizing Your System: Getting Help

When you’re not sure how to perform a task, or you want to try some new things but don’t know how, the new Help feature in Windows 95 will show you the way.

Go ahead and try it -
Click on the Start button.
Move the mouse up to help and click on it.

For instance, to get help changing the date your computer displays, we enter the word “date” in the Index.

Now choose “Changing your computer’s date.”

Click on Display and you can read the topic right on the screen.

Now, you no longer need to open a Help window and write everything down to remember it. Here you can hit the jump button and it takes you instantly to the topic or function you choose.

Getting help is this easy whenever you need it.

If you would like to see if your computer could install Windows 95, click the Scan button.

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If you choose, you can delete the files for the Microsoft Windows 95 Demo from your hard drive after exiting the demo.

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