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Articles from the 1990s:

“The myth of the interface” by Robin Nelson, from Personal Computing 1990
    Some thoughts on how the GUIs threaten the old-school computing
Sketchpad“The father of computer graphics” by Don Bissell, from Byte 1990
    A little piece on Ivan Sutherland’s unique Sketchpad
NewWave“NewWave 3.0: The object-oriented metaphor ripens with age” by William S. Hall, from PC Magazine 1990
    A review of NewWave version 3.0
OS/2The X Window System“The X attitude” by Marshall Brain, from Byte 1991
    Pros and cons of The X Window System
Windows“The riddle of the right mouse button” by Michael J. Miller, from PC Magazine 1992
    1992’s look at inconsistent use of right mouse button in GUIs
WindowsGEOS/GeoWorks“Time for a new interface” by Bill Machrone, from PC Magazine 1992
    On how object-oriented approach is graphical user interfaces’ future
Windows“Making good GUI sense” by Jim Seymour, from PC Magazine 1992
    Pros and cons of GUIs requiring bigger and faster graphic cards
NewWave“NewWave 4.0: HP’s Windows desktop manager goes mainstream” by Barry Simon, from PC Magazine 1992
    A review of NewWave version 4.0
Windows“New interface dilemmas” by Jim Seymour, from PC Magazine 1992
    The problems with menus and drag-and-drop in GUIs and some ideas for the future
Xerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalViewLisa Office System“Whatever happened to the Lisa?” by John C. Dvorak, from PC Magazine
    A look back at Lisa after a decade
Magic Cap“Beyond the GUI” by Dennis Allen, from Byte 1994
    A critique of Magic Cap’s interface
Magic Cap“Just like magic?” by Tom R. Halfhill and Andy Reinhardt, from Byte 1994
    A look at the Magic Cap interface
PenPointNewton OSMagic Cap“Sony releases Magic Cap device” by Andy Reinhardt, from Byte 1994
    A quick look at the first Magic Cap device
Mac OSWindows“Accelerators and toolbars: learning from the menu” by Alan Dix, 1995
    A paper proposing changes in menus that make accelerators and toolbars easier to learn
“Needed: A GUI revolution” by Ezra Shapiro, from Byte 1995
    A call to arms for a better interface succeeding GUIs
Bob“Is Bob really a kidsworld?” by John C. Dvorak, from PC Magazine 1995
    John Dvorak’s look at Microsoft Bob through child’s eyes
Windows“Windows 95 is far from Chicago” by Michael J. Miller, from PC Magazine 1995
    An article about differences between Chicago and retail version of Windows 95
OS/2Windows“Win 95 vs. OS/2: Some thoughts” by John C. Dvorak, from PC Magazine 1995
    A look at the battle between Windows 95 and OS/2
Windows“Beyond Windows 95” by Michael J. Miller, from PC Magazine 1995
    Future of Windows as seen right after release of Windows 95
Windows“A drastic change in direction” by John C. Dvorak, from PC Magazine 1995
    Analogies between car manufactury and a new model of selling software introduced by Windows 95
Mac OSXerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalView“Hands across the screen” by Alan Dix, 1997
    “Why are scrollbars on the right, and is it the best place for them?”
Lisa Office System“Inventing the Lisa User Interface” by Roderick Perkins, Dan Smith Keller, Frank Ludolph, from Interactions 1997
    An illustrated history of developing the Lisa GUI
Lisa Office System“The Lisa user interface” by Frank Ludolph and Roderick Perkins, from CHI ‘98 Conference Summary
    A short summary of Lisa’s interface principles
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