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Reprinted from Fortune, March 7, 1983, pp. 20. This is a reaction of magazine’s reader to an earlier article.

My, my. That foxy little Lisa (Apple’s Bid to Stay in the Big Time, February 7). “She” sure sounds like a saucy wench. “Seductive,” says writer Peter Nulty. “Disarming.” Up to a “lady’s tricks.” It’s a crying shame such a cutie had to be given a Neanderthal brow.

I’d be interested in knowing why Apple chose a woman’s name for its new computer. Apple surely should have expected such cliché-ridden forays into the realm of insipid journalism. But I’d be even more interested in knowing how Nulty would have described this same computer had it been named Ralph.

Next time, FORTUNE, get a Lisa and use its mouse to put such writing in the garbage can, where it belongs.

Luana Hellmann Hill
Canby, Oregon

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