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Timeline accompanying the article “Inventing the Lisa User Interface,” from Interactions, issue 2/1997, pp. 49.

October 78 Lisa Proposal
spring 79 Lisa project begins
May 79 Jef Raskin proposes project code named Macintosh
July 79 Rod starts at Apple
August 79 First Lisa application prototyped on Apple II
September 79 Macintosh project begins
October 79 First Lisa hardware with Bit-Sliced processor
December 79 First visit to Xerox PARC
February 80 First Lisa hardware with 68000
April 80 Lisa Marketing Requirements Document published
July 80 Larry Tesler starts at Apple; Personal apps Marketing Requirements Document
August 80 Button wars
September 80 Lisa user interface standards published
November 80 Dan & Frank start at Apple; National Computer Conference (original proposed introduction date)
January 81 Steve Jobs joins Macintosh Group
February 81 Graphics editor; Engineering Requirements Specification
August 81 IBM PC announced
October 81 Xerox Star announced; User Interface Council started
January 82 “Dialog Filer” recipes
February 82 First Cut & Paste between applications
March 82 Icon Filer proposal; Jef Raskin resigns from Apple
July 82 First internal Icon Filer release
January 83 Lisa announced
June 83 Lisa ships
January 84 Macintosh announced

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