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Reprinted from Personal Computing, issue 3/1983, pp. 82-186.

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Apple shook the world of computing seven years ago with a machine built in a garage on a shoestring budget. Dubbed the Apple II, the machine set the course for personal computing for the better part of a decade.

It’s hard to follow the drama and significance of an act like that. But with the recent unveiling of two new Apple computers – Lisa, a trend-setting personal office system that grew from a three-year, $50-million investment, and the Apple IIe, an enhanced version of the Apple II – it looks like Apple is shaking things up once again.

In this special five-part section, Popular Computing presents the first in-depth coverage of Apple’s new machines. Our report includes a complete review of Lisa’s hardware and software, a behind-the-scenes report on designing Lisa, and a technology update on the mouse, a device Lisa is bringing for the first time to personal computers. Also reviewed is the Apple IIe, a machine featuring improved performance, competitive pricing, and compatibility with Apple II products. As you’ll see in our report, designing the IIe was an intricate engineering puzzle.

So turn the page and discover why Apple’s Lisa is one of the most significant advances in personal computing in the last seven years.

Apple Lisa and Apple IIe. Photograph by Mike Blake
This image can be zoomedApple Lisa and Apple IIe. Photograph by Mike Blake
1. “A first look at Lisa”
2. “Lisa’s design”
3. “Meet the mouse”
4. “Apple IIe” [not related to GUIs]
5. “Core of a new Apple” [not related to GUIs]

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