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Reviews of GUIs:

Xerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalView“The Xerox Alto computer” by Thomas A Wadlow, from Byte 1981
    Description of the Xerox Alto, the first computer with GUI and mouse as input device (with screenshots)
Lisa Office System“Apple’s Lisa: A personal office system” by Joseph L. Ehardt, from Seybold Publications 1983
    An exhaustive 26-page report on Apple Lisa
Lisa Office System“Apple’s new computers: A major breakthrough” by , from Personal Computing 1983
    A short description of the new Apple Lisa
Lisa Office System“Lisa’s debut” by , from Softalk 1983
    A short preview of Apple Lisa
Lisa Office System“The Lisa Computer System” by Gregg Williams, from Byte 1983
    An extensive review of Apple Lisa
Lisa Office SystemMac OSVisi OnXerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalView“Apple’s bid to stay in the big time” by Peter Nulty, from Fortune 1983
    Review of Apple Lisa from business point of view
Lisa Office System“New from Apple: Lisa and the IIe” by George Stewart, Rachael Wrege and Phil Lopiccola, from Personal Computing 1983
    A 3-part article on Lisa, its design and its mouse
Lisa Office System“Apple’s Lisa” by Mike Whitney, from Personal Computer News 1983
    A short review of Apple Lisa
Lisa Office System“Lisa – Close up and personal” by Roger Wagner and Joe Holt, from Softalk 1983
    A profusely-illustrated review of Apple Lisa
Windows“Microsoft Windows” by Phil Lemmons, from Byte 1983
    Exclusive: An extensive look at a pre-1.0 release of Microsoft Windows, with many screenshots. Also featured is author’s commentary 21 years later!
Windows“Microsoft does Windows” by Steven Cook, from PC World 1984
    Another look at prerelease of Microsoft Windows, and explanation of GUI basics
Lisa Office System“Apple announces the Lisa 2” by Gregg Williams, from Byte 1984
    A short preview of Apple Lisa 2
GEM“Romancing a clone: GEM’s many facets” by Winn L. Rosch, from PC Magazine 1984
    First look at Digital Research’s Graphics Environment Manager
Lisa Office System“The Lisa 2: Apple’s ablest computer” by David D. Redhed, from Byte 1984
    A review of Lisa 2 and its suite of applications
Windows“Drawing back the curtain on Windows shows Microsoft has a clear edge” by Bill Machrone, from PC Magazine 1985
    A review of Microsoft Windows 1.0
Windows“Microsoft Windows” by Diane Burns and S. Venit, from 1985
    A short review of Windows 1.0 in a story about productivity software
Windows“Microsoft Windows” by Jonathan Lazarus, from 1986
    A short review of Windows 1.0 awarded the Best of 1985 distinction
NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP/RhapsodyOPEN LOOKCommon Desktop EnvironmentNewWaveAmiga OSMac OSWindowsThe X Window SystemOS/2GEM“A guide to GUIs” by Frank Hayes and Nick Baran, from Byte 1989
    A 1989’s look at and comparison of twelve then-state-of-the-art graphical user interfaces
NewWave“HP’s NewWave offers a more natural way of working with documents” by Charles Petzold, from PC Magazine 1989
    A review of first edition of Hewlett-Packard NewWave
NewWave“NewWave 3.0: The object-oriented metaphor ripens with age” by William S. Hall, from PC Magazine 1990
    A review of NewWave version 3.0
NewWave“NewWave 4.0: HP’s Windows desktop manager goes mainstream” by Barry Simon, from PC Magazine 1992
    A review of NewWave version 4.0
Magic Cap“Beyond the GUI” by Dennis Allen, from Byte 1994
    A critique of Magic Cap’s interface
Windows“Windows 95 is far from Chicago” by Michael J. Miller, from PC Magazine 1995
    An article about differences between Chicago and retail version of Windows 95
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