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Articles describing or mentioning Visi On:

“Apple’s bid to stay in the big time” by Peter Nulty, from Fortune 1983
    Review of Apple Lisa from business point of view
“A visual counterpart of the top of your desk” by , from Personal Computing 1983
    Short review of VisiOn
“VisiCorp’s VisiOn” by Phil Lopiccola and Rachael Wrege, from Popular Computing 1983
    A review of VisiOn, with some comparisons to Apple Lisa
“The new generation of human-engineered software” by Gregg Williams, from Byte 1983
    A little piece on the emergence of desktop metaphor
“A guided tour of Visi On” by Phil Lemmons, from Byte 1983
    An interview with William T. Coleman’s, product manager responsible for Visi On. Contains sample screenshots
“Visi On’s Interface Design” by George Woodmansee, from Byte 1983
    An article describing the methods and concepts used during creation of Visi On
“Backtalk” by Tommy Gear, from Softalk 1983
    A very strange, almost advertising-like column on the virtues of VisiCorp and VisiOn
“The Visi On™ experience – From concept to marketplace” by George Woodmansee, from Proceedings of INTERACT ’84
    Similar paper from a Human-Computer Interaction conference, outlining Visi On’s development
“The desktop environment” by Paul Bonner, from Personal Computing 1984
    An article about pros and cons of desktop GUIs and the 1984’s status quo
“Interview with Nathan Lineback” by Marcin Wichary, 2005
    Exclusive: Interview with Nathan Lineback, creator of GUI Gallery
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