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Xerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalViewXerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalView

Articles describing or mentioning Xerox Star/ViewPoint/GlobalView:

“Microelectronics and the Personal Computer” by Alan C. Kay, from Scientific American 1977
    A seminal paper about the possibilities of personal computing, exemplified in Xerox Alto
“Xerox xooms toward the office of the future” by Bro Uttal, from Fortune 1981
    An article about Xerox Star and changes in Xerox’s Office Products Division
“The Xerox Alto computer” by Thomas A Wadlow, from Byte 1981
    Description of the Xerox Alto, the first computer with GUI and mouse as input device (with screenshots)
“The Star user interface: an overview” by David Canfield Smith, Charles Irby, Ralph Kimball and Eric Harslem, from proceedings of AFIPS 1982
    An illustrated description of the Xerox 8010 “Star” interface
“A retrospective on the development of Star” by Eric Harslem and LeRoy E. Nelson, from from proceedings of ICSE 1982
    A rather technical look at Xerox Star – not much of GUI-related information, but helpful in putting the development of 8010 into context
“Designing the Star User Interface” by Dr. David Canfield Smith, Charles Irby, Ralph Kimball, Bill Verplank and Eric Harslem, from Byte 1982
    Extensive breakdown of rules and ideas behind Xerox Star interface (with screenshots)
“Human factors testing in the design of Xerox’s 8010 ‘Star’ office workstation” by William L. Bewley, Teresa L. Roberts, David Schroit and William L. Verplank, from CHI ‘83 Conference Proceedings
    A description of various user tests conducted while developing the Xerox Star user interface
“Apple’s bid to stay in the big time” by Peter Nulty, from Fortune 1983
    Review of Apple Lisa from business point of view
“The lab that ran away from Xerox” by Bro Uttal, from Fortune 1983
    Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, people behind it, and transformation of Alto into the Star
“Of mice and men” by Steven Levy, from Popular Computing 1984
    A story on Douglas Engelbart and his most popular invention
“The desktop environment” by Paul Bonner, from Personal Computing 1984
    An article about pros and cons of desktop GUIs and the 1984’s status quo
“Sorting out fact from fiction in the Apple-Microsoft lawsuit” by John C. Dvorak, from PC Magazine 1988
    An article clearing up popular misconceptions about Apple vs. Microsoft/Hewlett-Packard lawsuit
“The Xerox Star: A retrospective” by Jeff Johnson, Teresa L. Roberts, William Verplank, David C. Smith, Charles H. Irby, Marian Beard and, from IEEE Computer 1989
    A description of Xerox Star’s design, development, features and evolution
“Of mice and menus: Designing the user-friendly interface” by Tekla S. Perry and John Voelcker, from IEEE Spectrum 1989
    A history of early GUIs, full of interesting tidbits
“Whatever happened to the Lisa?” by John C. Dvorak, from PC Magazine
    A look back at Lisa after a decade
“Hands across the screen” by Alan Dix, 1997
    “Why are scrollbars on the right, and is it the best place for them?”
“One thousand square pixels of canvas” by Marcin Wichary, 2003
    Exclusive: A paper on evolution of icons in graphical interfaces
“Interview with Nathan Lineback” by Marcin Wichary, 2005
    Exclusive: Interview with Nathan Lineback, creator of GUI Gallery
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