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The last release of BeOS.

Released on 18th January 2000 by Be Link points to external site.

Dec 98BeOS R4

18 Jan 00 BeOS R5
28 Mar 00 BeOS R5 Personal Edition
May 00 BeOS R5.0.1 Personal Edition (39 screenshots)
00 BeOS R5 Professional Edition
 BeOS R5.1 d0 (Dano)
Detailed timeline

BeOS 5.0 Personal Edition screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Desktop with applications in BeOS R5.0.1 PE
BeOS R5.0.1 PE
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AppearanceDisplayApplication managerKeyboardCD player
Time and dateClockText editorMedia playerTrash can
BrowserDesktopMailMouseCommand prompt
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