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CDE 1.0Common Desktop Environment

Released in 1993 by Sun Microsystems Link points to external site, IBM Link points to external site, Novell Link points to external site and Hewlett-Packard Link points to external site.

Interface name: OSF/Motif

93 CDE 1.0
96 CDE 1.0.2
 CDE 1.5
Sep 02 CDE 1.5 in Solaris 9 (41 screenshots)
05 CDE 1.6 in Solaris 10
Detailed timeline

A tour of CDE 1.0 Link points to external site from Hewlett-Packard
Featured edition
Desktop with applications in CDE 1.5 in Solaris 9
CDE 1.5 in Solaris 9
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