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GEOS for CommodoreGEOS/GeoWorks

Successful operating system for 8-bit Commodore machines.

Released on March 1986 by Berkeley Softworks.

Mar 86 GEOS for Commodore C64
87 GEOS for Commodore C128
88 GEOS V2.0 for Commodore C64 (18 screenshots)
89 GEOS V2.0 for Commodore C128

88GEOS for Apple II
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Featured edition
Desktop with applications in GEOS 2 for C64
GEOS 2 for C64
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Did you know...

For many years since 1986, GEOS operating system was bundled with Commodore 64C, at one point being the second best selling GUI-based operating system in the world, surpassed only by Mac OS.

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