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First version for PCs.

Released in 1990 by GeoWorks Link points to external, archived site.

88GEOS for Apple II

90 OS/90
Oct 90 GeoWorks Ensemble 1.0
91 GeoWorks Ensemble 1.2
92 GeoWorks Pro
93 GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0 (41 screenshots)
93 Geopublish 2.0
94 Geoworks Ensemble 2.01

96New Deal Office
Detailed timeline

“Time for a new interface” from PC Magazine 1992
“Interview with Nathan Lineback” by Marcin Wichary, 2005

16-bit GEOS entry Link points to external site from Wikipedia
PC/GEOS 1.2 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Welcome splash in GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0
GeoWorks Ensemble 2.0
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A 1992 ad of GeoWorks Pro

Featured icons
CalculatorCalendarNotepadText editorSettings
Trash canClockApplicationsAddress bookTerminal
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Featured quote

GeoWorks Ensemble is a little-known but worthy competitor for Windows. GeoWorks is a good value. It can bring easier, more productive computing to desktops where Windows strikes out.

(Walt Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal, October 24, 1991)

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