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Lisa Office System 1Lisa Office System

Released on 19th January 1983 by Apple Link points to external site.

19 Jan 83 Lisa Office System 1.0 (12 screenshots)
83 Lisa Office System 1.2
83 Lisa Office System 1.4

83Lisa Office System 2
Detailed timeline

“Lisa user interface standards” from 1980
“Apple’s bid to stay in the big time” from Fortune 1983
“The Lisa Computer System” from Byte 1983
“Apple’s Lisa” from Personal Computer News 1983
“An interview with Wayne Rosing, Bruce Daniels, and Larry Tesler” from Byte 1983
“Fortune Product of the Year Award” from Fortune 1983
“The desktop environment” from Personal Computing 1984
“LisaLearning” from IEEE Computer 1986
“The past, present, and future of the Macintosh desktop” from Signal #26
“Inventing the Lisa User Interface” from Interactions 1997
“Busy being born” from

LisaGuide from 1983

Lisa Office System 1.0 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Desktop with applications in Lisa OS 1.0
Lisa OS 1.0
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9 magazine ads, including:

Four-page LisaWrite brochure from 1983

An advertisement of Apple Lisa from 1983
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“Apple Lisa: A user-friendly handbook”

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