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Lisa Office System 7/7 3Lisa Office System

Released in 1984 by Apple Link points to external site.

83Lisa Office System 2

84 Lisa Office System 7/7 3.0
84 Lisa Office System 7/7 3.1 (18 screenshots)
Detailed timeline

“Apple Lisa Graphical Object-Oriented User Interface” by David T. Craig, 1987
“The Mac interface: Showing its age” from Byte 1989
“The Lisa user interface” from CHI ‘98 Conference Summary

Apple Lisa at CHI 98 from 1998
Lisa interface and hardware by Toby Thain

Lisa Office System 3.1 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Desktop with applications in Lisa OS 3.1
Lisa OS 3.1
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“The complete book of Lisa”

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