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Released on 23rd October 1999 by Apple Link points to external site.

Interface name: Platinum

Tagline: “Your Internet co-pilot”

22 Jul 97Mac OS 8

23 Oct 99 Mac OS 9.0 (49 screenshots)
Feb 00 Mac OS 9.0.2
Mar 00 Mac OS 9.0.3
4 Apr 00 Mac OS 9.0.4
9 Jan 01 Mac OS 9.1
18 Jun 01 Mac OS 9.2
21 Aug 01 Mac OS 9.2.1
5 Dec 01 Mac OS 9.2.2

24 Mar 01Mac OS X
Detailed timeline

Mac OS 9.2.2 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Welcome splash in Mac OS 9.0
Mac OS 9.0
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Did you know...

In late 1999 Apple discontinued the British English localized version of Mac OS 9, causing quite an uproar among UK users. The changes between UK and US editions included “Wastebasket” instead of “Trash,” in addition to the obvious spelling differences such as “Colours” instead of “Colors.”

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