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Released on March 1992 by IBM Link points to external site.

Taglines: “The Integrating Platform”, “The 32-bit operating system ready for tomorrow’s PC hardware and applications”

Dec 90OS/2 1.30

Mar 92 OS/2 2.0
May 93 OS/2 2.1 (40 screenshots)
Feb 94 OS/2 2.11
Jun 94 OS/2 For Symmetrical Multiprocessing 2.11

Oct 94OS/2 Warp 3
Detailed timeline

“One thousand square pixels of canvas” by Marcin Wichary, 2003
“Interview with Nathan Lineback” by Marcin Wichary, 2005

OS/2 2.1 tutorial from 1993

OS/2 2.0 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Desktop with applications in OS/2 2.1
OS/2 2.1
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An advertisement of OS/2 2.0 from PC Magazine ’92

A two-page advertisement of OS/2 2.0 from PC Magazine ’92

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A slideshow from May 1992
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“The Cross-GUI Handbook”

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Did you know...

To prototype and test a Workspace Shell GUI for OS/2 2.0, IBM used the legendary, heavily object-oriented SmallTalk V/PM.

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