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Windows 95Windows

Arguably the most important issue of Windows, with new GUI which is still followed to this date.

Released on 24th August 1995 by Microsoft Link points to external site.

6 Apr 92Windows 3.1

24 Aug 95 Windows 95 (48 screenshots)
Feb 96 Windows 95A (OSR 1)
Aug 96 Windows 95B (OSR 2) (50 screenshots)
Nov 97 Windows 95C (OSR 2.5)

25 Jun 98Windows 98
Detailed timeline

“Windows 95 is far from Chicago” from PC Magazine 1995
“A drastic change in direction” from PC Magazine 1995
“Beyond Windows 95” from PC Magazine 1995
“Win 95 vs. OS/2: Some thoughts” from PC Magazine 1995
“One thousand square pixels of canvas” by Marcin Wichary, 2003

Windows 95 tour from 1995

Windows 95 Chicago build 58 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Windows 95 Chicago build 73 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Windows 95 Chicago Beta 1 screenshots Link points to external site from Nathan Lineback
Featured edition
Welcome splash in Windows 95B
Windows 95B
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11 magazine ads, including:

Windows 95 advertisement from PC Magazine 9/95

Windows 95 Resource Kit ad from PC Magazine 9/95

2 other ads:
A short interactive demo of Windows 95
Four banners promoting the launch event of Windows 95
More ads


“Visual interface design for Windows”

“The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design”

Featured icons
Shutdown windowAccessibilityMailDisplayNotepad
SoundSearchPower managementTerminalInternational
SettingsCalculatorKeyboardMouseVolume level
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Featured sounds

The Microsoft Sound
(133 KB)

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Did you know...

Apple Lisa interface initially supported scrollbar boxes that were proportional to the displayed portion of the window, but the designers abandoned this idea, fearing that users will have problems understanding it properly. It took years for the idea to resurface; proportional scroll boxes appeared in Mac OS 8 in 1998, and also earlier in Windows 95.

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