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Submitting information

You can help very much if you have:
information, articles and screenshots regarding vintage GUIs, such as Apple Lisa, PERQ, Xerox Alto/Star/ViewPoint, NeXTSTEP or TOS. If you still use them or know someone who does, be sure to let me know!
the same goes with currently available, but less popular GUIs such as SGI Irix or RISC OS Select,
older issues of computer magazines – there’s a lot of information and adverts there. Either scans or sending the stuff via mail would be appreciated,
vintage operating system leaflets, boxes, CDs, disks or articles – again, scans or originals would help a lot,
splashes or taglines,
comments, ideas, remarks, error corrections and general GUI-related rambling. :)

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you have something that’d add to the site.


People who helped with suggestions or information: Tim Aaronson, Reinaldo Aguilera, Raymond Ancog, ArielMT, Robert Atkins, The Balance of Judgement, Jim Barter, Christoph Bartneck, Daniel Beardsmore, Oyvind Bech, Rob Bedeaux, Jonathan Belanger, bert, Matthew Black, Michael Brewer, Si Brindley, Kai Uwe Broulik, Toby Bryans, Cadence, Kroc Camen, Ben Cardell, John Chlumsky, Daniel Clemens, Chris Combs, Costa, David T. Craig, Bruce Damer, ddrmaxromance, Josh Dersch, Yannick De smet, Guillaume Desnoix, Mike Dessoye, Tom Dolbilin, Dashiell Dunn, Vadik Egorov, Gustav Ekenberg, Murat Feyzifar, Dr Frankenstein, Gerardo Rodríguez Garro, GillBates, Jerome Goulet, Hank Grabowski, Gary L. Gray, Haibl, Katherline L. Harras, David Hayman, Steven Hayter, Trev Henderson, Huexley, Andrew Henning, Andrew Hudson, Cariad Ilmàra, Inu-Yasha, Daniel Jalkut, Scott Jones, Kevin Jordan, Joseph11, Adam Juniper, jupiter2, Keith S. Karn, Tony Kavadias, Ian Kelleigh, Johan Kristell, Peter Kuckenburg, Steve Lacy, Cyril Lambin, Roger Larsson, Kevin Lawton, Cale Lewis, Nathan Lineback, Loxy, Frank Ludolph, Mike Lyda, Chris Mahoney, Rupert Maurer, m4dc0w, Steve Mazer, Dylan McDermond, Douglas P. McNutt, Jan Mueller, James Musheno, netsendjoe, NoMercy, Jade Ohlhauser, One of the Twelve, Arthur Padua, Mitchell Polley, Rick Ragnini, Jim Rees, Joao Sena Ribeiro, Jason Rickerby, Herbert Rosenau, Michael Ross, Helmut Schug, Scoops, Matt Sephton, Ezra Shapiro, David Shaw, Benjamin Stephan, Tom Stepleton, Thomas Stromberg, Sunder, Edwin Tan, Jacob Tekiela, Larry Tesler, Toby Thain, Steven Troughton-Smith, Mark Underwood, vette, vhrc, Maurice Wahba, Perry Werneck, Jonathan Westin, John Woodall, xanyon, Ian Young and Marc Zeedar.

People who helped financially through PayPal: Mario Aeby, Guillaume Desnoix, Daniel Grobani, Terry Harpold, Don McAllister, Jörn Mika, Rami Prashove, ReindeR Rustema and Paul Sissons.

I would also like to thank the entire staff of Link points to external site and everyone else who ever took a time to email me, even if just to say a few words.


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Additional thanks for help with finding a new host go to Reinaldo Aguilera, ardosdev, Rhys Atkins, A. Brody, Kai Uwe Broulik, Cadence, Bruce Damer, Vadik Egorov, eminem_rh25, expert01, Justin Fahmie, Foofy, Lucy Gunawan, Pal Honti, Hidden Hunter, Matt Krajenke, Gniewko Krol, Michael Marquardt, Emil Mesropian, Mr. Rogers, Steve Rowling, Richard Soares of RawData Link points to external site, Tomasz Stiller, Crunchy Toast, Steve Troughton-Smith, Brandon Tomlinson of 6chan Link points to external site, Maurice Wahba, Jonathan Westin and Atesh Yurdakul.

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