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This website needs your help! It seems that guidebook will have to move to another provider very soon, and I am looking for a company/an institution that would be willing to host it or recommendations on good internet service providers you know yourself.

What GUIdebook needs

  • 5 GB of disk space
  • around 80-120 gigabytes of transfer monthly (sometimes much less, but might spike with occasional OSNews Link points to external site or Slashdot Link points to external site coverage)
  • one PostgreSQL database (MySQL might be fine, but I’d have to check it out)
  • PHP 4.x
  • ability to use mod_rewrite (in .htaccess) or equivalent
  • shell access would be great, doesn’t have to be fancy (cron, unzip, postgresql command line access)
  • usage statistics (optional)

What you can get in return

  • eternal gratitude from me
  • a great feeling of helping a lot of people who enjoy this website for multitude of reasons
  • main guidebook address in form of www.yourdomain.code/guidebook
  • your logo in the top-left corner of main page and at the bottom of every other page

Please, contact me at or using the form below if you have any ideas. Thanks in advance!

Marcin Wichary

Page added on 18th July 2005.

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