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Symbian OS/EPOCSymbian OS/EPOC
80 Psion Software is founded

Sep 89 EPOC/16 (SIBO) is released
Sep 91 SIBO on Psion Series 3 is released
93 SIBO on Psion Series 3a is released
96 SIBO on Psion Series 3c is released
SIBO on Psion Siena is released

97 EPOC R1-R3 is released
Jul 97 EPOC R1 on Psion Series 5 is released

98 Psion, Ericsson, Nokia and Motorola form Symbian

EPOC R4 is released
SIBO on Psion Series 3mx is released

99 EPOC R5 is released (incl. EPOC R5 on Psion Series 5mx, EPOC R5 on Psion Revo and EPOC R5 on Psion Series 7)
Oct 99 EPOC R4 on Oregon Osaris is released

00 A first mobile phone using Symbian OS is released (Ericsson R380)

Sep 00 Symbian OS 6.0 is released

Apr 03 Symbian OS 7.0 is released

04 Psion sells its share of ownership over Symbian and leaves the alliance

Feb 04 Symbian OS 8.0 is released

06 Symbian OS 9.0 is to be released
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