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Mousing around

The pointer (small arrow) on your screen is controlled by the mouse atached to your Macintosh. As you move the mouse on a flat surface, the pointer on the screen moves with it.

Room to move

You can lift the mouse and reposition it when you need more room in which to move it around. The pointer on the screen only moves when the mouse is rolling on a flat surface.

Connect the dots

Try moving the mouse yourself. The pointer can move all over the screen. It will never disappear. Run the pointer over each number to connect the dots.

Point and click

To play a note on the piano, move the pointer over a key and press and release the mouse button. This is CLICKING. When you are ready to go on, click on the word “continue” below.

Point and hold

See what the magician has in his hats by pointing to one and HOLDING down the mouse button. Then try moving the pointer over successive hats without releasing the button.


To move an object around on the screen, point to it, press the mouse button, and while keeping it pressed, move the pointer. This is DRAGGING. Try moving the picture of the mouse around.

Get the cheese

Practice by DRAGGING the mouse through the maze to the cheese.

If you wish to play again, click on “play again” below, otherwise click on “continue.”

Double click

Some objects can be opened by clicking twice quickly while pointing at them. Open the present by pointing to it and DOUBLE CLICKING.

To repack the present so you can open it again, click on “wrap up”. Otherwise you may proceed with the tour by clicking on “continue.”

Now, on to the tour screen. Start playing the cassette tape from where you stopped it.

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