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You’ve learned almost everything you need to know about your Macintosh. As you start using the various application programs on your Macintosh, the Finder will become not only your launch pad for these applications, but also your home base, where you’ll keep track of what you need and discard what you don’t need. The contents of your application disks will vary, of course, but the method of using them will always be the same.

After you open your disk, you select the application and open it. Let’s use the maze game called “Amazing” as an example. Select it, and open it.

Your screen displays a maze. In it, there is a circle, and a square. Starting at the circle, make your way through the maze to the square.

You move the mouse without touching the mouse button. A dark strip traces your steps.

If you go the wrong way, just go back, and the distance you came is undone. When you reach the square, you’ve solved the maze.

Let’s look at what menus the maze has. There’s just one with a few commands.

Choose the Skill command. This command brings up a dialog box which lets you choose the level of difficulty you would like in a maze. You can have very simple mazes, or very complex ones.

You choose the level by pointing to it and clicking. Change it to the second level. Once you’ve decided on the level, click on the box that says “New game” and your Macintosh displays a maze at that level of difficulty.

You can continue choosing new mazes at that level by choosing New from the menu.

You can also have your Macintosh solve the maze for you, by choosing Answer.

After you see the solution, click anywhere on the screen and the solution disappears. When you’re tired of solving mazes, choose Quit and you’re out of the game and back to the Finder.

Page added on 6th October 2005.

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