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In an earlier section, you created a document called Memo to Sandy, and you saved it on your Hard Disk.

As you work with your Macintosh, you’ll create a lot of documents. You can keep related documents together in a FOLDER.

A Macintosh folder is like a regular file folder. You can put one or more documents inside it. Let’s start by putting Memo to Sandy and Map into a folder.

First, create a new folder:

  1. Pull down the File menu.
  2. Choose New Folder from the list of commands.

Good. There’s your new folder. Whenever a new folder is created, it’s named “untitled folder.” You can change the name to anything you like.

To name a newly created folder, all you have to do is begin typing, because the name is already selected. You don’t have to click first. Name this folder: Memos. The name appears as you type. When you’re done, click the right arrow to continue.

Good. Now put your document into the folder:

  1. Drag the Memo to Sandy icon to the Memos folder. As you do this, an outline of the icon will move with the pointer.
  2. Release the button when the folder icon becomes highlighted.

Now put Map into the Memos folder:

  1. Drag the Map icon to the Memos folder.
  2. Release the button when the folder becomes highlighted.

Good. Now your documents are inside the Memos folder. To see them, you need to open the Memos folder:

  1. Click the Memos icon to select it.
  2. Choose Open from the File menu.

A new window opens to display the contents of your folder. The folder contains two documents: Memo to Sandy and Map.

Now there are two windows open on your desktop: the Hard Disk window and the Memos window. Note the Memos window has lines in its title bar. This means it is the ACTIVE window and you can work in it. The active window is like the topmost file folder on your desk.

Sometimes you need to bring a partially hidden window to the front so you can work in it. To make a window active and bring it to the front, all you need to do is click it. (You can even do this with windows belonging to different programs.) Try it: Click the Hard Disk window to make it active.

Now, the Hard Disk window is active. The Memos window is still open, but is partially hidden by the Hard Disk window. Now: close the Hard Disk window by choosing Close Window from the File menu.

There is another, faster way to close a window: You can click its CLOSE BOX. The close box is circle above. Close the Memos window by clicking its close box.

In this section, you’ve learned about storing documents inside folders. You’ve learned how to create and name new folders, store documents in folders, and close windows. Click the right arrow to practice what you’ve learned.

You want to file the Vancouver document in a new folder that you will create. First, create a new folder.

  1. Name your new folder by typing Vacation Spots. The new name will replace the selected text “untitled folder.”
  2. When you are done, click the right arrow to continue.

Now, drag the Vancouver document into the Vacation Spots folder.

Now, open the Vacation Spots folder to see your document.

Good. Now: Close the Vacation Spots window by clicking its close box.

Good. You’ve now completed “Filing Your Work.”

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