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Your office or workplace might look something like this.

You work with the papers and tools on your desk.

And you store work that you want to keep in the file drawer.

You throw away things you don’t need in the trash.

Your Macintosh also has a DESKTOP, filing system, and trash. When you turn on your computer, your Macintosh desktop becomes ready for you to use.

This is what your Macintosh desktop looks like.

These pictures are called ICONS. They represent tools that you use as you work.

This icon represents a HARD DISK. The hard disk is like a file cabinet where you store your work and the software programs that you use to create it. It also contains programs your Macintosh uses to operate.

This is a FLOPPY DISK icon. The floppy disk serves the same function as the hard disk, but it stores less information.

The Trash icon represents a place to throw away things you no longer need.

The MENU BAR is at the top of the desktop. Click the right arrow and I’ll show you what MENUS are and how they work.

These are called PULL-DOWN MENUS. They remain hidden until you pull them down.

A menu is a list of commands. You choose a command from a menu to tell your Macintosh what to do.

Now, you try pulling down the File menu:

  1. Point ot the word File.
  2. Press and hold down the button.
  3. Release the button when you are done looking. Then click the right arrow to continue.

Good. As you do your work, you’ll frequently choose commands from menus to tell your Macintosh what to do.

In this section, you’ve learned about the desktop and about icons and menus, some of the tools that you use to do your work on the Macintosh. Click the right arrow to practice what you’ve learned.

Click the Hard Disk icon.

That’s right. Now click the Trash icon.

Good. Now practice pulling down the File menu. For now, just look. Then click the right arrow to continue.

Good. You’ve now completed “The Desktop.” If you want to review anything in this section click the left arrow to go back.

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