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Welcome to Your Apple® Tour of the Macintosh®

If you’ve used this tour before, you may skip to the Main Menu by clicking the mouse button.

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Right now, thousands of people are using the Apple Macintosh computer to get things done. You can, too.

Using a Macintosh requires three essential skills: pointing, clicking, and dragging. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be ready to get to work.

Skill #1: POINTING. Move the mouse on the table. You’ll see that a pointer moves on the screen.

That’s right. Try picking up the mouse and putting it down somewhere else on the table. Notice that the pointer on the screen doesn’t move.

Remember this when you run out of space for your mouse: You can always pick up the mouse and put it down in a better position.

Practice pointing. Move the pointer so it touches each of the numbers in order.

You have just learned skill #1: POINTING. By moving the mouse, you can point at anything on the screen. Point at this arrow to go on.

Skill #2: CLICKING. Pressing and releasing the mouse button is called clicking. Try it now.

That’s right. When you point to an object on the screen and press the mouse button, you’re clicking that object. Clicking makes something happen. Click this arrow to go on.

Practice clicking. Click each of the closed windows. Click the forward arrow to go on.

You have just learned skill #2: CLICKING. Clicking is one way of telling your Macintosh what to do. From now on, click the forward arrow to go on.

Skill #3: DRAGGING. One way of getting things done with the Macintosh is by moving objects around on the screen. This is called dragging. You drag by holding the mouse button down as you move the mouse.

Practice dragging. Move the letters onto the theater marquee by following these steps:
Point at the letter you want to move (starting with “D”).
Press the mouse button, and hold it down as you move the letter onto the theater marquee.
Release the mouse button.

Good. You have just learned to DRAG. You’ll use dragging in several different ways when you work with the Macintosh.

Now you know the three essential Macintosh skills: pointing, clicking and dragging. The rest of this tour will show you how to use them in your work.

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